1. Metal Up!


1st Verse
Living with Forever stuck into your empty life
Like a needle pinning wings to boards, you’ll never hold The Knife
That cuts the impulse that unties the knot that keeps you satisfied
With your place in life secured with all your secrets and your pride.

Never let it ever hold you back
It’s so bloody hard to keep your life on track.
They never showed you how to find the way
To keep from feeling pain or how to live your life again.

You’ve got to Metal Up! Metal Up your mind!
You’ve got to Metal Up and leave your bullshit world behind!
You’ve got to Metal Up! Metal Up your head!
Step up on your stage and make The Sound that wakes The Dead!

Back 8
Squeeze your pain until it splits the night!
Squeeze it! The Pain’s out of your life!
Stand up and Storm The Breaches once again!

If your time seems to be up it’s just The Reaper tells you when.