New album

Release date by Christmas 2023, VIGIL-ANTE's fourth album ILLUSIONS! Please enjoy the video for the title track!

Time to buckle down and Metal Up!

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LOTHAR'S ORB by Drew DeMarco


offers you a teaser of the Fourth album ILLUSIONS including the title track as well as PULSE and LEVITATE.

Again, it's out by Christmas 2023 


VIGIL-ANTE - In the process of finishing our fourth album ILLUSIONS.  

Almost finished the birthing our fourth album ILLUSIONS, due for release by Christmas 2022. What a ride Covid-19 has taken us on, like so so many others. Normalcy is returning, although now it looks different than anything that's been before and without a roadmap. ILLUSIONS speaks to perspective and the framing of our own Reality from here on forward. 

Metal Up!


VIGIL-ANTE will update on our blog LUTHOR'S ORB any and all issues of progress in the life of the band. The life of The Tribe is the life's blood of VIGIL-ANTE as there is no Art if there is no observer as "Without the Audience there ain't no Show".

Buckle Down and Metal Up!